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specialised lawyers for landlord and tenant cases

You are the tenant or landlord of a residential or commercial property. This means you may have to deal with many legal issues, such as rent increases, defects, renovation, etcetera. In that case, it is important that you know the rental law regulations. An incorrect approach can result in a lot of problems.

Consult our rental law specialists ( in dutch: Huurrecht advocaten )

Lawyers and solicitors can have many specialities. However, if you are dealing with a landlord and tenant case, it is best to consult a lawyer or solicitor specialised in rental law. These specialists deal with landlord and tenant cases on a daily basis and know all the rules, so they can get the best results. Consult our specialists and also get the best results. We have a lot of experience (over 20 years)! So we are able to help you quickly and effectively.

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What can our rental lawyers and solicitors do for you?

We can help you with almost all landlord and tenant issues. Some examples are listed below.

Entering into a rental agreement

The content of the rental agreement largely determines your rights and obligations. Have the rental agreement drawn up by our specialist, or at least evaluated.

Is a temporary rental agreement possible?

As a landlord, you do not want permantly attached to a tenant. What are the possibilities? To what extend is temporary renting an option?

Rent increase

You are a tenant and do not want to agree to the rent increase. Or you are the landlord and want to implement a rent increase.

Defects to the rented property

You are renting and the rented property has serious defects. Can you suspend or decrease the payment of rent? How can I force the landlord to fix the defects?
You are the landlord and are confronted with a tenant who no longer wants to pay the rent due to defects.

Subrogation and home exchange

You are renting a commercial property and want to transfer the right to rent to the buyer of your company. Or you are the tenant of a residential property and want to take part in a 'home exchange'.


When is subletting possible? What rights do subtenants have?

Unlawful use of the rented property

What can you as landlord do if a tenant has left the rented property and you are confronted with other users?


Is Airbnb (holiday let) permitted? And what about a Bed & Breakfast? What are the rights of tenants and landlords?

Can I let my residential property to multiple tenants at the same time?

You are wondering if you can let a residential property to multiple individual tenants (students for example). How does that work? What is the best approach?


Your commercial building or home is being renovated. Do you have to agree to this? Who will pay for the damages and will the rent increase?

Rent arrears

Your tenant does not pay the rent and you want to move to collection and eviction.

Termination of the lease

Your rental agreement is terminated or you want to terminate the rental agreement. Is this possible? How does it work? Is there a right to tenant protection or eviction protection?

Can I get back my deposit?

Our lawyers will inform and help you on claiming back your deposit

Immediate action:

Make use of your rights! Are you dealing with a landlord and tenant case? Please contact one of our specialists immediately. Call +31 (0)20 – 6890 863 or send an email
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