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Rental law lawyer in Amsterdam

Landlord tenant law information and legal aid for individuals and businesses

For your landlord-tenant case in Amsterdam

Rental law is not a simple matter. There are many legal regulations to consider in a
tenancy dispute. The municipality of Amsterdam also has its own rules that may apply to
your landlord and tenant case. For that reason, it is advisable to use a specialised lawyer
or solicitor who is well-informed on rental law and the Amsterdam regulations in case of a
tenancy dispute.

The rental law lawyers and solicitors of Recht & Raad

You can come to Recht & Raad if you need a lawyer or solicitor specialised in rental law.
Our specialists have a lot of experience (over 20 years!) with landlord and tenant cases in
Amsterdam. They can serve you well thanks to their extensive knowledge and
experience. With our specialists, you increase your chances for a good result of your
tenancy dispute.

What can you consult us for?

Entering into a rental agreement

You are an entrepreneur or landlord and want to enter into a rental agreement. Let us
advise you on the best agreement and the best contract provisions. We can help you
with a temporary rental agreement for a residential space, for example.

Defects to the rented property

Our lawyers and solicitors can help you if the rented property has defects. We can write
to the landlord and advise you on any possibilities for suspension or reduction of the rent.
If necessary, we can demand repair of the defects via a judge.

Termination of the rental agreement and tenant protection

You are a tenant or landlord and want to terminate the rental agreement or your rental
agreement will be terminated. Is that possible? How does it work? Are you entitled to
tenant protection?

Collection rent arrears

If you as landlord are confronted with a tenant who does not pay their rent, it is very
unpleasant. Our lawyers/solicitors can help you collect your rent receivables, via a judge
if necessary.

Rent increase

You are a tenant or landlord of a property and wonder whether the rent can be increased
and, if so, by how much? Ask our specialists for help.


Subletting is sometimes allowed, often it is not. Our specialists have a lot of experience
with many subletting issues. They can help both (sub)tenants and landlords.

Airbnb and other holiday letting

Many owners and tenants want to use their home for holiday letting (Airbnb, Bed &
Breakfast), temporarily or otherwise. Is this allowed? What are the rules?


You are a tenant or landlord and want to renovate your commercial or residential
property. What are your rights? Are you required to cooperate? Can the rent be
increased? Are damages covered?

Deposit collection

Our lawyers will inform and help you on claiming back your deposit

The Amsterdam rental law lawyer for all your landlord and tenant issues

The topics above are only a few of examples we can help you with. We can also help
you with other landlord and tenant issues. We help both tenants and landlords.
Immediate action: prevent costly mistakes!

Do you have a legal landlord and tenant issue?

Please contact our rental law lawyers and solicitors immediately. They have the
right knowledge and experience when it comes to rental law in Amsterdam.
Call +31 (0)20 – 6 890 863 or mail.

Rental law lawyer in Amsterdam

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